Welcome to PAMO Metaalwerken nv! We are specialised in custom construction works in various types of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Over the past decades we have built up expertise in two areas: the high-voltage industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

PAMO Metaalwerken nv complies with the EN1090 EXC2 standard and all VCA requirements. A testament to our constant pursuit of excellence in quality and safety.



  • Operations Director
    Period of time: Fulltime
  • Semi-automatic welder
    Period of time: Fulltime
  • Installer of steel construction elements
    Period of time: Fulltime
  • Mechanic in the metal sector
    Period of time: Fulltime
  • TIG Welder / Sheet Metal Worker
    Period of time: Fulltime
  • Operator plasma cutter
    Period of time: Fulltime
  • Project engineer / Technical draftsman
    Period of time: Fulltime
  • Assembly worker (inside) of Steel Structures
    Period of time: Fulltime


  • Pontons
    Impressive steel pontoons have left our workshop 20/02/2024

    PAMO's craftsmanship in pictures: Our heroes worked hard to create two impressive steel pontoons. A perfect example of the power of teamwork and technical mastery. About this technical masterpiece in S235 steel: with an impressive weight of approximately 8 tons per pontoon, these structures have been carefully designed to float. They operate as floating jetties and have the following dimensions: 12.5 m * 2.5 m width * 1.6 m height. These structures provide a safe haven for mooring both people and cargo, where functionality and reliability are paramount. We will soon reveal where they will find their place. Curious? Be sure to follow us for exclusive images!

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    PAMO sponsoring Matinu vzw 08/02/2024

    At PAMO we are pleased to sponsor Matinu vzw, an organization that guides young people on their journey to more self-confidence and a positive self-image. With programs such as 'Coaching With and Through Horses' and 'Project Guidance', Matinu creates an environment in which young people and young adults can grow with respect and self-insight. Thank you to Matinu vzw for their commitment to supporting youth, and we look forward to continuing this partnership. Let's build a positive future for the next generation together!

  • PAMO bliksemafleiders
    Lightning conductors at Elia Izegem 07/02/2024

    Proud of our recent project at the Elia Group Izegem high-voltage substation! Our team successfully installed lightning conductors on the existing trusses, adding extra protection to the electrical equipment. It was an extremely satisfying task to increase the security of the electricity network and ensure reliability.

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