Welcome to Pamo Metaalwerken nv! We are specialised in custom construction works in various types of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Over the past decades we have built up expertise in two areas: the high-voltage industry and the pharmaceutical industry.



  • De Brandt
    De Brandt icebreakers 08/06/2021

    Some time ago PAMO Metal Constructions & Engineering supplied icebreakers for De Brandt nv.

    Placed vertically in the river, these icebreakers protect ships against accidents with large ice shelves.
    The ice shelves move with the current and are broken into smaller, less dangerous pieces by the collision with this strong structure.

    Very useful on days where it is slightly less warm than today.

  • Portiek elia
    Elia High-voltage substation 25/05/2021

    Realization by PAMO Installation of a line portico at the Elia high-voltage substation in Rodenhuyze for our customer Omexom. PAMO Metaalconstructies & Engineering carried out this project from A to Z. We took care of the detailed plans, calculation notes, manufacturing, painting and assembly of the whole.

  • Elia
    Parts for Elia high-voltage substations 10/05/2021

    PAMO Metaalconstructies & Engineering manufactures the porches that are installed on the Elia high-voltage posts. This series of partially assembled parts are custom-made and numbered so that assembly on the Elia site can be done seamlessly and efficiently.

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