Welcome to Pamo Metaalwerken nv! We are specialised in custom construction works in various types of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Over the past decades we have built up expertise in two areas: the high-voltage industry and the pharmaceutical industry.



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  • 20220517 PA Lonza
    Modular walkable PAMO ceilings. 11/05/2022

    Installation of walkable PAMO modular ceilings.These walkable horizontal partitions between workspaces and technical areas of the pharmaceutical company consist of extruded lacquered support profiles with high-quality white-lacquered honeycomb aluminum plates.This is a realization for Lonza in Bornem. Design, manufacture and installation by PAMO Metal Constructions & Engineering .

  • Brandwerende verf metaal deurkaders RF30 RF60
    Use of fire resistant paint systems in metal applications 29/04/2022

    Fire resistant paint or other refractory construction and lining coatings have been mandatory for many years in office buildings, entrance halls, public buildings, parking garages and government buildings. In the event of a fire, a fire-resistant paint guarantees extended evacuation time, as well as significant additional time for firefighters to arrive and minimize damage. RF30 or RF60 stands for 'resistance au feu pour 30/60 minutes', which means that your construction is protected against fire for 30/60 minutes. Fire-resistant paint works as follows: the layer swells on contact with fire or when an extremely high temperature is reached. As a result, the paint swells up like a foam layer and protects the substrate from the flames and heat. This ensures that, for example, steel structures retain their shape longer because steel melts at temperatures higher than 500 degrees. For example, door frames for fire-resistant doors are a typical application where PAMO must provide a finish with RF30 or RF60 fire-resistant paint. PAMO Metal Constructions & Engineering manufactures and installs the door frames and the heavy-duty floors of the relay rooms and GIS buildings on the high-voltage posts for customers such as Elia. For another major customer in the pharmaceutical sector, PAMO regularly builds support platforms that are treated with fire-resistant paint. This fire-resistant paint also provides a beautiful, smooth finish for your metal applications as you can see in our sample photos of treated door frames above. PAMO Metal Constructions & Engineering can assist you for your projects where RF30 or RF60 fire-resistant paint is indicated. We can guarantee excellent expertise for the design of metal door frames for fire doors and many other metal structures. Be sure to contact us so that we can provide you with appropriate advice and more technical information about fire-resistant paint systems.
    Contact us via info@pamo-metaal.be

  • 1648464335683
    Official opening of the electrified freight railway Genk Goods - Bilzen 29/03/2022

    On Monday 28/03/2022, the electrified freight railway Genk Goods - Bilzen was officially opened. Electrification is an important investment for Limburg and for freight traffic along the strategic rail axis Antwerp-German border, as well as for the ports, the modal shift and the Belgian economy.
    In total, Infrabel has installed 300 catenary poles on the 12.5 km long railway line between Genk Goods and Bilzen and has uncoiled 84 km of wires and cables for the catenary.

    On behalf of Mobix, PAMO Metal Constructions & Engineering is more than a proud supplier for this phenomenal project by Infrabel!

    Read more: http://ow.ly/N5Ly50IuTeA

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