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Construction & Assembly in workplace

In this phase we manufacture the end products professionally, completely to size. This all happens in-house in our new and modern workshop under EN1090 EXC2 certificate.

As a metal construction company we supply end products in various types of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper, and this with different surface treatments:

Steel S235 en S355

Possible surface treatments:

  • galvanizing according to NEN-EN-ISO1461
  • blasting + powder coating
  • blasting + wet painting
  • blasting + metallizing

Inox or stainless steel 304 en 316

Possible surface treatments:

  • grinding (until K320)
  • staining
  • passivation
  • electropolishing


Possible surface treatments:

  • Anodizing in natural color
  • Anodizing in different colors (green, black ...)


Possible surface treatments:

  • Electrolytic tin plating
  • Standard tin plating

What does our machinery consist of?

  • CNC vertical drilling and tapping center (plate thickness 150mm, plate size 3000 * 700mm)
  • Plasma burner (maximum burning thicknesses: steel S235 50mm)
  • Plate rolling machine (maximum width to roll: up to 2m length)
  • Profile bending machine (e.g. for stair railings)
  • CNC press brake 135 ton 3m with controlled back gauge (bending machine)
  • Press brake 90 ton 3m (bending machine)
  • Weld edge preparation machine thick plate (plate 20mm)
  • Deburring machine thin sheet (deburring sheet 1 to 3 mm)
  • Tapping machines (taps M3 to ...)
  • Circular saw
  • Sheet metal shears with controlled back stop (cutting S235 to 10 mm lg 3000 mm)
  • Drill presses
  • Band saws (maximum 470 * 470mm profile to be cut)
  • MIG / MAG Welding machines (semi-automatic)
  • TIG Welding machines

Assembly/welding/cutting torch

  • On-site with different assembly teams
  • We have our own assembly truck with a Palfinger 40 tonne-meter crane with unique height and swing limitation.
    • Vertical: 29m
    • Horizontal: 25m (1 ton)
    • Winch
    • Fast conversion possible to a platform of 29m for max. 2 persons
  • Collaboration with external crane suppliers
  • Collaboration with external aerial platform suppliers
  • Own welding material and electrical group for autonomous MIG / MAG welding
  • Own cutting burning material for autonomous cutting burning

What types of operations can we offer?

  • Customized turning
  • Milling yard (plate thickness 150mm, plate size 3000 * 700mm)
  • Drilling (plate thickness 150mm, plate size 3000 * 700mm)
  • Bending work up to 3m (thickness 8mm steel)
  • Punching work up to 6m (thickness 12mm)
  • Sawing work up to 470 x 500mm


  • Own truck with possibility to unload
  • Two open vans (chassis cab) with crane with the possibility of unloading
  • Deliveries until 1500kg at a time
  • Unloading possibilities until 1000kg

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